Your Wellbeing 2020

Around Christmas time is a great time to look to new resolutions and improving general well-being sometime soon. What are the principles of good health? As in most things the correct answer is probably “It all depends”. Meaning it depends on your current health status. However even our fittest clients can benefit from 3 general principles. These are………………..

Firstly examine your nutrient intake. Are your eating mostly good quality food from primary food sources, like whole fruit, grains, vegetables and fresh healthy meats? Try to avoid high human intervention foods, which are so called “processed foods”. “Human intervention”( Dr John Tickell calls it “HI”) Factor requires a bit of thought, and is often a little disguised. Factors like cooking, additives, stuffing, long storage, packaging, force feed foods and foods that have had a tough time, are all HI factors.  Grapes that are air-freighted from California would be an example of the later!

If you can’t always meet these criteria, then a Multi-vitamin should be considered as a stop-gap measure. But remember a Vitamin supplement is no substitute for healthy eating.

A second area of well-being is good oils in your diet. The advertizers once rightly said “Ooils aain’t ooils”. Are you getting enough good oils in your diet? Are you getting the right ratio of oils into your diet? The body is able to manufacture all but 2 essential oils, the rest it can manufacture itself, given the right raw materials. These are Linolenic acid or Omega 3 oil, and Linoleic acid or omega 6 oil, both of which we can’t do without. Also important has now been found to be the ratio of these 2 oils and traditional society has a 1:3 ratio of these respectively whilst a USA citizen has a 1:24 ratio and often greater for these essentials. One thus gets oversupplied at the expense of the other, which has been shown to lead to inflammatory diseases like heart disease, arthritis and cancer.

You can help improve the ratios by eating more fish, sea-foods, flaxseeds, hempseeds, chia  cereal, perilla, and day old fruit and vegetables. It’s also important to obtain what you can of any of these  in the cold-pressed form or preferably in their natural form direct from the plant or source

Third path to better general health is bacteria.

Try to add more good bacteria to your diet. That is to say, bacteria like yogurt, vinegar, apple cider vinegar, cheeses, (non-processed), sour krout, Kambucha, ginger beer, and traditional foods,  these are known to be safe if prepared by old methods. Now termed probiotics, good bacteria, or what I call, good bugs, all stimulate G regulator cells in the immune system and encourage T helper 1 responses in the blood, this leads to more white blood cells and a stronger immunity noted by Dr Élie Metchnikoff as early as 1894. This leads to less infections and less allergies.

The take home message is “get your bugs up”! Also get your fish and fresh foods up! And third, load up those nutrients! Then you can expect improved general well-being in 2020.

 photograph courtesy Jonathan Borba

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