Watch Your Water

Celebration food and drink tends to be very acidic, leading to toxin accumulation, so it pays to drink plenty of water, and stay alkalised this time of year. It’s often said “the solution to pollution is dilution. “

My recommended amount of water is 2 litres daily, but varies a little with body weight and physical activity. This should be a minimum for most adults. Also that water is best in alkaline form, which is achieved by adding herbal teas (sorry not black tea or coffee) to your water.  Alternatively you can generate alkaline and filtered water using a Zazen water filter, where the water is filtered and then run over mineralized natural rocks. (These filters are sold by our staff, and are a great Christmas gift, around $600, which is cheaper than buying them over the internet. )  Our naturopaths are greatly in favour of Zazen water filters as they tick many health boxes.

Try to avoid Soda waters and soda drinks, as these are acid and have the associated problems of acid diets: – toxin accumulation and arthritic diseases like gout, fibromyalgia, muscle pains, restless legs, liver troubles and kidney troubles. Mineral water is great because it’s alkaline which is what we used to get from our reservoirs but make sure it’s not the modern effervescence type. That fizz makes it suddenly acidic, and not ideal for your health.

So along with those festive drinks, I suggest intersperse a bit more water, and also try to intersperse an occasional missed meal. Water has the advantage of making you feel full, so replacing that unneeded meal with a few glasses of old fashioned water is often easier than just skipping a meal.

If you are concerned about acidity, consider a pH test Kit, from our store. They do about 70 tests of saliva or urine. Also consider more alkaline supplements  in your diet. These include : Morlife Alkalising Greens, Spirulina,  Chlorella, and Barley Grass. Alkaline foods include grapes and celery and all fruit and vegetables. Ask about our acid-base food charts, which are about $12 in full colour, showing the acidity (PRAL value) of most common foods.

Keep drinking over the Christmas break, but make sure it’s mostly alkaline water.

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