Tracking Your Health Just Got Easy!

At Des Lardner’s Organic we believe your health is your most precious asset. We pride ourselves on using the best available evidence to help people achieve their health goals. One of the tests that we use in clinic is the “Quadscan BIA”. We find this to be an invaluable tool that assists in measuring and monitoring the health of our clients. Clients tell us that they are so happy with the information that this test provides and for the resulting individualised advice that they receive. They tell us that they have learnt so much more about their bodies through the use and interpretation of this test, compared to simply looking at numbers on a bathroom scale. The Quadscan BIA really helps to educate and motivate, so we are keen to share more details about it.

What is a Quadscan BIA?

The Quadscan BIA is a medical device. It is a non-invasive, pain free and quick test using four different electrical frequencies that are passed through the body via wire connections.  It is not a diagnositic test (that is the job of your doctor or specialist), but what it does do is provide excellent data about your current health status using bio impedance technology.

What can it tell me?

The Quadscan BIA device can provide accurate measurements of your body fat mass, muscle mass, total body water and your fluid balance (how much water inside the cells versus outside of the cells). This data can be analysed further to provide indicators of how well your body is functioning to produce energy and how your body compares to an ideal for your gender and frame size. Some of the situations that the Quadscan BIA test proves very useful are:

  • tracking your actual body fat and muscle mass while trying to lose or maintain body weight
  • monitoring how your exercise program is impacting your fluid, fat, muscle and energy production at a cellular level
  • gauging your progress on a detox program or any treatment plan for illness using analyses for cellular health
  • assessing your fluid balance and energy production while making lifestyle / dietary changes or recovering from surgery or injury
  • comparing how your health is going to an ideal for your stage of life.

What is the procedure?

First you will need to book an appointment with your qualified Quadscan BIA practitioner. When you come for your appointment, your practitioner will ask you some details about you and your health history. They will then take your height and weight, as well as your hip and waist measurements. This information will be entered into the Quadscan device and will be used in the analysis of the data collected.  Your practitioner will instruct you to lie down while they place some adhesive strips (called electrodes) on your hand and foot. Wires from the device are connected to you by clipping onto the electrodes. The test itself is a simple push of a button with a ten second wait for it to complete. The information is then transferred to a specialised computer program that analyses the results. The results will be displayed in easy to understand graphs on your personalised report. The report will be explained and interpreted by your practitioner. Your report is then yours to keep for your records.


How is this different from any other BIA device?

Many health clinics and gyms may use Bio Impendence devices, but often they are not the Quadscan BIA. The Quadscan BIA is Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved medical device, one of a kind in Australia. The TGA is a government body in Australia that regulates all goods of a therapeutic nature including prescription medicines, vitamins and minerals, herbal medicines, medical devices, blood and blood products.   This should give you confidence that this particular device is guaranteed for quality and reliability. It is manufactured by a company that specialises in the field (not just a bathroom scale manufacturer). It is clinically trialled, scientifically validated and used by researchers around the world. For example, the Quadscan BIA is used internationally in clinics that specialise in diabetes, kidney health and obesity and is also extensively used in hospital intensive care units and oncology wards for the monitoring of conditions such as lymphedema.

How can the practitioners at Des Lardner’s Organic help me?

The Naturopaths at Des Lardner’s Organic are certified with specialised training to operate the Quadscan BIA device and most importantly to interpret the results. Our Naturopaths are degree qualified professionals with extensive knowledge and experience. They can help you with the implementation of dietary and lifestyle changes, along with prescribing individualised nutritional and herbal supplementation appropriate for your health condition, alongside current medical management. We also offer programs to maximise your results including: the Vitality, Wellness and Healthy Ageing Program, the Shake It Weight Management Program and specialised Detox Programs. Des Lardner’s Organic offers Quadscan BIA assessment appointments and also Naturopathic consultations that include the test. Please feel free to talk to our friendly staff in the store at Des Lardner’s Organic about how a Quadscan BIA assessment appointment or a Naturopathic consultation could benefit you.



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