The Value of Water

`Whilst I write our Wimmera river and the surrounding paddocks are full of water. Some sports fields and some farmers are disappointed, but we should never be complacent about water and our human need for it. It may make Winter and now our Spring miserable, but none of us should doubt the value of water.

The list of health benefits for water is impressive. Water regulates body temperature, lubricates joints, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, dissolves minerals, makes them accessible, and prevents constipation.  The correct hydration level protect the body organs and tissues, and moistens membranes of the lungs, eyes, nose and mouth. The body is 2/3 water and the brain slightly more.  A recent study showed that as little as 1% dehydration impairs concentration, memory and alertness. For diabetics, or the overweight, water is the drink of choice as it contains no calories. Next time you feel hungry reach for a glass of water instead of food.

Yarriambiack Council have wisely been encouraging locals to reduce soft drinks consumption. All shires should follow suit. I agree that soft drink is the worst thing you can put in your body. It’s acid (often around pH 2.7), contains phosphates which can leach Magnesium and Calcium from body, contains up  to 17 teaspoonsful of sugar (empty Calories) and even in diet drinks often contains aspartame, linked to depression and insomnia. If you’re drinking much fizzy soda water or soft drinks consider plain water instead, or even better herbal teas as a substitute. My favourite herbal drink is green tea the leaves are up to 15% dry weight of organic bound minerals, one of the most mineral-rich (and thus alkaline) plants known.

Water is nature (that is water is puddles, rivers and wetlands) is always alkaline, because of the ground water minerals that naturally leak into it. We can no longer recommend Horsham’s water; so where can you find a healthy substitute ? Well, certain commercial products come close, or in the case of Zazen purified water, may even be better. Zazen is a commercial filtering system for your tap water. It removes all the chemicals and bacteria, but adds alkaline minerals from mineral rich stones, that come with the kit. Our organic store sells Zazen water filters and accesories. Come in and get a leaflet or call the store for more information. They are healthier and cheaper to run than home delivered or supermarket bulk water.

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