The ‘green leaf’ is blowing across Firebrace Street

A marriage of medicines and medicinal minds is destined to improve the landscape and access to remedial care in the Wimmera.
After more than a decade of treating the Wimmera community with complementary natural medicines, Des Lardner’s Organic is merging its services and products into one of Horsham’s longest serving pharmacies.

The new home for Des and his natural therapists will be across Firebrace Street at Terry White Chemmart Horsham Compounding. This will be a welcome reunion of a long-established relationship between Des and Terry White Chemmart’s Horsham owner Stuart Hall.
Des and Stuart began their business relationship in 2006 when Stuart bought the pharmacy that Des and Robyn founded in Horsham Plaza. Then last year Stuart bought the sleep service from Des Lardner’s Organic.
For Horsham’s longest serving pharmacists, this new merger of medicinal minds was a no-brainer.

For our loyal Des Lardner’s Organic customers, changes will be minimal. It mainly means stopping a block earlier (or later) to shop for your natural health products and advice.
There will be a dedicated section in the pharmacy for Des Lardner’s Organic products and Des will work in the store in his usual role as a herbalist and natural health consultant. He will also make full use of what is the biggest and most productive compounding laboratory in the Wimmera. The very same laboratory where Stuart and his pharmacists have been making the world renowned Des Lardner Colic Mixture for more than a decade.

Nat Driller, who has worked with Des Lardner for some years, will also be relocating whilst Store Manager, Heidi Laursen Habel will continue to offer Craniosacral Therapy at the current premises and is hoping to travel overseas to Denmark next year to visit family and friends.
Krisanda Lloyd will continue to offer Ear Candling.
Naturopath Ebony Jordan, is currently on parental leave.
Elsa Schultz will still be available as an aromatherapist, contact via
Saturday morning staff Brooke, Claire & Nat Robbins will be continuing with study, work and possible new ventures.

Emily Grieger will continue her naturopathic services in private practice and will contact her clients with details once established. She wishes the new team all the best for future success.

Our allied services will continue in store as usual;
Rural Osteo Health                               ph. 0352 941 044;

‘Inner Balance’ Craniosacral Therapy  ph. 0429 993 545;
Ear Candling                                        ph. 0466 511 498.

Tasharna Petschel will continue to offer naturopathic consults, contact @evolve_naturopathy and book via her website or ph. 0401 001 844.

For Robyn, the new move will allow her to retire from an industry where she has spent decades working quietly in the background. In fact, Robyn and Des can boast a combined 97 years of full-time work in pharmaceutical and natural heath practices.
Robyn said the occasion would be a sad one, but the time was right for her to step away from the business world and enjoy retirement.
“We have bought and sold several businesses over our journey, but this is the first time we have sold a business and included Des in the deal,” she smiled.
“We have been really fortunate to have so many loyal customers and we want to make sure they are going to get the same quality service to which they have been accustomed.”

“Knowing Stuart as well as we do, we are confident our customers can continue to enjoy their natural heath experience.

So, for years we have been telling our customers to ‘Look for the Leaf’, now we can tell our customers to ‘Look for the lads’ in Terry White Chemmart Horsham Compounding.”

Des and Robyn would like to acknowledge past and present staff for their dedication, diligence and outstanding customer service for these past 10 years, as demonstrated by the business being recipient of several local business awards. Des would especially like to acknowledge Emily who has worked intermittently with him for over 20 years, “it has been an absolute pleasure to have such a competent Naturopath and professional colleague work with me for so long!”


Of course, a business is nothing without its customers, many have been with Des for more than 40 years and look forward to continuing the relationship from the new location.  Des would like to extend a big thank you to all customers for trusting his advice and guidance.

Our phone number and email will be unchanged, so please call us

on 03 53 82 77 66 to book your consultation.
Our email is

“We are very excited about the opportunity to amalgamate Des Lardner’s Organics with Terry White Chemmart Pharmacy, Horsham. We will bring high quality herbal and nutritional products to the pharmacy.

It has been a long-term goal of mine in 43 years as a pharmacist in the Wimmera to see pharmacy not just dispensing medicines but monitoring patient outcomes such as adherence to treatment, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. The future should see us encouraging patients to use preventative measures, to improve their wellbeing, and to be better educated in staying well.

We live in a world which is flooded with information but starving for relevance. Our pharmacists and our naturopathic staff are in a perfect position to give the community more genuine information than the internet, through personal consultations, treatment plans and counselling.

Terry White Chemmart Horsham pharmacy makes patient-specific compounded medicines and aims to be a more community-based pharmacy practice that is education-based, and outcomes driven.

Terry White Chemmart Horsham Pharmacy sees a future where the public visits to stay healthy, not just get well. I believe they will now have the staff, tools, and resources to help all Wimmera residents if they wish to, lead happier, healthier lives.”

Des Lardner


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