Resisting Colds and Flu Part 3: Six Natural Remedies for your Cold and Flu First Aid Kit

In Resisting Colds and Flu Part Two, we learned five key factors that put you at risk of infection, and how to overcome them. Although prevention is better than cure, it’s important to stock up on remedies that can reduce your symptoms and help you get better quickly if you do fall sick. Create your very own cold and flu ‘first aid’ kit, using our top six natural remedies, so you can knock infections on the head and stay well this winter.

Start with Herbal Heavyweights

When it comes to reducing fever, cough, sore throat and thick phlegm, Andrographis packs a punch. In a review of 33 clinical trials, it was shown to speed up recovery and shorten the duration of cold symptoms. Andro NK, a potent herbal formula containing Andrographis, stimulates your immune defences, which can help lessen the severity of the common cold. To find out whether Andro NK would benefit you, speak to one of our naturopaths today.


Call for Nutritional Back-Up

The combination of zinc and vitamin C has been shown to reduce the duration and severity of common cold symptoms due to its immune-supporting actions.2 As such, providing the body with a high-strength blend such as Meta Zinc with Vitamin C can help reload your body with the ingredients it needs to defend you.


‘Shrooms to the Rescue

Medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, cordyceps, coriolus and shiitake have been used in traditional Chinese medicine over many centuries to help:

  • Manage mild upper respiratory tract infections (reishi and coriolus);
  • Relieve mucus congestion (reishi and cordyceps);
  • Support the immune system (shiitake); and,
  • Enhance energy and stamina and reduce fatigue (cordyceps).

Super Mushroom Complex blends these four mushrooms together, helping to support your immune response.

assorted japanese mushroomassorted japanese mushroom

Load Your Freezer with Soup

Soups make for excellent emergency meals if you start to feel sick. Set aside a day where you can prepare bases, using either chicken frames or vegetable peels with plenty of garlic, thyme and oregano, as these herbs are rich with antibacterial compounds which can help your immune system. Strain and freeze your soup bases. Then, when you need them, defrost and add fresh vegetables. Your future self will thank you!

Stock Up on Tea to Help Replace Your Fallen Fluids

If you do get sick, one way to improve your recovery time is by topping up any fluids you’ve lost to fever or sweats with herbal tea. Herbs such as thyme, peppermint, liquorice and ginger steeped with a teaspoon of honey can help to decongest your nose and soothe your throat; giving you relief when symptoms arise.

Invest in Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is fantastic for keeping airways clear and open, particularly when you’re feeling congested in your sinuses or chest.Using eucalyptus oil-containing chest rubs, or adding a few drops to an oil diffuser before bed, can help with symptom relief, making it easier to breathe when you’re feeling stuffy.

Eucalyptus stems. For more flowers and plants 

Prep Yourself Before you Wreck Yourself

To help you come out on top this cold and flu season, speak to a Practitioner about sourcing the best quality supplements to help you beat cold and flu symptoms. Gather everything you need for your ‘First Aid’ kit to keep you and your household protected with access to emergency relief before winter arrives, so you can thrive throughout these cooler months.

Written by Natruopath Ruth Kirk-Garcia

Courtesy of Metagenics 

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