Move your body, Calm your mind – Part 2

So how did you go? Was it easy to delve through the clutter of your life and decide what you want moving forward?

One way that we have been doing this at Evoke Kinesiology is through movement and meditation. Two groups of people have joined forces and every day they are active in some way and take time to meditate. Each person has an accountability partner and what has been born is something so beautiful. A group of people – bettering themselves. No judgement, no pressure, just commitment to themselves and THEIR one precious life.

These groups were created to encourage and support people in being the best version of themselves. Because to make the best decisions for our lives – we need to be the best version of ourselves. And we cannot be the best version of ourselves when we are living life for others, not moving, living in mind chaos and are knee deep in addictions, conflict and unhealthy habits.

It’s simple. Our minds don’t work properly if we don’t look after our bodies that house them! So we need to do habitual practices that support our mental and physical health – which in turn will support all other aspects of our lives.

And in the groups the results have been astounding.

‘I’m making time for me’

‘I feel whole again’

‘I can breathe again’

‘I consider myself as a person’

‘I feel safe to be me’

‘I feel connected’

‘It’s ok to be vulnerable’

‘I deserve to love my life’

‘My body loves to move – and my head loves me more for loving my body too’

‘I unconditionally matter’.


Wow. And these are your everyday people you see walking down the street. That had lost that they too were important.

It’s allowed everyone to decide what they are taking with them in their backpacks.

‘No more ‘busyness’’

‘The importance of taking ‘time out for me’

‘Connecting to others’

‘Saying no’

An understanding in the strength of having a community of raw, honest, genuine and true people

‘A decision to leave the ‘fixing’ and ‘dragging’ of others behind’

‘I’m slowing my mind post Corona’

‘Put effort into making REAL friendships’


At the beginning, these practices brought up all sorts of fears, judgements and excuses. But each person kept delving, kept moving, kept meditating. Because they trusted that it was the road to being the best version of themselves. The countless academic papers and research on the positive benefits of movement and meditation can’t all be wrong? Can they?

And when you work on yourself, some cool stuff will happen. Some people around you will be inspired and jump on board, others will drift off into the distance – because they don’t vibe with you anymore, and others will find their way into your life and birth relationships you could never have dreamt of. But it will all feel right, and it will flow. The ‘heaviness’ and torment out of decisions will go.

We are souls in a human body. We have to look after our human body. It is a vehicle for movement. It is the key to a healthy mind.

So please. Do what you have to do to ensure a healthy mind and body. Spend the money you need to spend. Take the time you need to take. Because I assure you – you will find a reward no greater than that of a life lived for you. That is probably one of the most important aspects of mental health – looking after you.

Arnna Pickering

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