Move your body, Calm your mind – Part 1

Move your body, Calm your mind – Part 1

Last week I wrote about Self Sabotage and provided some suggestions of how you can support others going through this. But what about you? What do you need?

On April 16, I wrote a post on my Facebook business page (Evoke Kinesiology) asking everyone to take time to stop, think and decide what they want to take into their world post – Corona. Have a read:

And now we sit. And we wait.

In a portal.

Where we get to decide.

We get to decide what we take with us. Into our new life post virus.

We entered this portal with so much baggage. Unhelpful, life hindering, mentally draining baggage.

The world was going too fast.
The “busyness”
The lost connection with our inner sanctum – within our homes.
External happiness and Internal anguish.
Always “doing” and forgetting to “be”.
Old programming and new “must haves”
Ineffective communication. Anger and fear in our voice.
Ancestral trauma and Mental illness.
Physical illness and Stress. Oh so much stress.
Toxic relationships and Emotional manipulation.
Procrastination. So much procrastination. Avoidance and. Disconnection.
Life dissatisfaction.

We forgot what really mattered. Became clouded with our own crap.

For some – it feels like their world is imploding. For others – it’s a chance to stop. Either way we are being called to sort our crap.

What an amazing opportunity.

So now beautiful human you get to choose what’s going into your backpack? What are you taking forward?

Are you going to keep communicating the same as you’ve always done? Even though it ends in frustration, tears and pain? Or are you going to finally work through why you have this as your automated setting?

What toxic relationships do you need to lovingly say goodbye too?
What relationships do you need to embrace and been thankful every day for?
Which friends have shown their true colours and been with you through this challenging time? Is there room for them?
What family patterns/trauma are you ready to rid yourself of?
What passion do you keep putting off? Is it time to reconnect?
What are your new and heart felt priorities for you and your little family?

We get a chance amazing souls – to start again. Walk through to our new normal with fresh eyes and a fresh start.

So sit in this portal with purpose. Break down your walls. Deal with your crap. And just like Dora, pack your bag with what matters most and how you want to this one precious life to be.”


So how did you go? Did you feel uncomfortable whilst reading any of that? Did any thing or person pop into your mind as you read the reflection questions?

Through this pandemic we have been gifted a golden opportunity to slow and work out what we want moving forward.

Time to: De-schedule. Delve. Decide.

Wipe the calendar clean. Sit in the clutter of our lives. And decide what we want to take with us.

Next week, I’ll share with you what we have been doing at Evoke Kinesiology to help determine what we want moving forward. But in the meantime – sit down with a pen and paper and answer the questions above. What do YOU want for you? No one else. Not your family, not your kids – Just you. Remember – if we base our life on doing life solely for others – we breed resentment.

So go on. Sit. Delve. And Decide.

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