“To sleep, perchance to dream” wishes Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

We all crave restful sleep, but not everyone achieves this. Recent research suggests sleep

has immense repair value to us all. The Sleep Health Foundation suggests 33-45% of

adults sleep is affected. Conversely, poor sleep has a role in increasing blood pressure,

increasing blood sugar, increasing body weight by changing certain hormones,

increasing cardiac risk factors, and reducing daytime energy, researchers even suggest

many major disasters were linked to lack of sleep including the Exxon Valdez oil spill,

the Chenobyl nuclear disaster and Challenger spaceship explosion of 1986.

A complex phenomena, sleep disorders plague many and can  include insomnia, obstructive sleep apnoea, snoring, restless leg syndrome and sleep behaviour disorders, such as sleepwalking, night terrors and teeth grinding. Studies reveal that less than six hours of good old zzzzzzs can increase the risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease!

Remedies are many and varied. The most effective way  to treat sleeping problems is to find and manage the cause.

So if you find yourself with unusually increased daytime sleepiness, drowsiness, poor decision making, decreased concentration and memory issues, it could be an indicator that you need your sleep assessed. Obstructive Sleep apnoea  (OSA) is another cause for sleep disturbance and includes the symptoms mentioned along with periods of breathing cessation and restlessness, snoring is a good indicator this may be going on!

The most perplexing sleep disorder impacting thousands of Australians is insomnia. According to the Sleep Study done by the Sleep Health Foundation in 2016, 45% of adults are affected by a sleep disorder, with diagnosed sleep apnoea affecting 8%, significant insomnia 20% and restless legs 18% of adults.                    


In our practise at Lardner’s Organic, we belief in preventative medicine and a proactive approach, spending many decades researching and validating remedies and natural medicines to help treat sleeping disorders. Every day we are seeing clients have incredibly positive results when they take an active approach in sleep health. So we have put together a series of articles over the next few weeks to inform, assist and inspire our loyal readers! Our team lead by Des is passionate about service to others and helping health restoration, so what better way than to chat about a problem impacting so many.

Next week we look at simple remedies that you can consider to help kick-start a better night’s sleep.




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