How is your liver?


Christmas can be a busy time and fun time with lots of friendship restored, eating, drinking and generally making merry, but have you thought about the negatives of all this indulgence on your liver? It’s a good question after Christmas and New Year. How is your liver? The liver is one of the body’s major detoxification organs. Undigested food, medicines, assorted chemicals, alcohol, excess sugar and carbohydrate, excess fatty foods, synthetic foods, synthetic preservatives, trans fatty acids, allergenic substances, low nutrient foods, along with low omega 3 containing foods, have all changed the impact of Christmas on both our digestive tract lining and thus soon after, our liver.

Now is a good time to assess the damage. Most patho-physiology texts and medical experts list about 25 symptoms of liver trouble, the first 3 being tiredness, bloating and weight disorders. In general, it’s only when you have these and all 22 other symptoms that a modern sophisticated medical test, called an LFT, will show a problem. So, it’s good to be proactive after Christmas and consider a rest for your liver.

The method of resting your liver involves 5 major areas. First exercise, then second avoiding recreational drugs like alcohol and cigarettes for a few weeks, third, drinking more water. A simple adage is “the solution to pollution is dilution”. Water or bitter drinks like green tea and dandelion tea help to wash toxins from the body. Fourthly detoxify your environment, minimize chemicals in your home and at work, use glass containers rather than plastic. Fifthly detoxify your life from stress. This improves digestion and thus the accumulation of undigested toxins. When you notice yourself caught in the grip of unhealthy thought patterns, stop for a moment, breathe and reframe your thought patterns into something more positive.

Ask our staff about liver tonics, like the herbs from Fusion called “Liver Tonic”, or some simple “Milk Thistle” for liver improvement. Also we have various levels of “Detox” programs available over the counter and the stronger ones through our practitioners. Ask for a brochure on “detox” or “Reinforcements for your liver” from our staff or by email to us.

Wishing you all renewed health and vitality this New Year.

Des Lardner

Dip.Botanical Medicine, MHM, (Hons)

  1. Pharm., Th.A, M.P.S. Grad.Dip.Nutrition


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