What is detox?

Detox (or detoxification) is a method by which we can allow the body to have a clean out and tune up through specific dietary and lifestyle changes. Additional use of specific nutritional and Herbal Medicine can support this process. Contrary to popular belief, being on a ‘detox’ does not need to include strict dietary fasting and extreme supportive measures. At Des Lardner’s Organic, we have a detox program which has a dietary program that is achievable, not extreme, and uses supportive products that are of high quality and of proven therapeutic value.

Our healthcare practitioners have several goals when suggesting a ‘detox’ program. These are to:

  • encourage an internal cleanse that removes digestive remnants, non- beneficial microbes like bacteria, parasites, heavy metals and accumulated toxins (from the environment or created by our own bodies). The diet is designed to reduce the exposure of common allergens and therefore gives the body a rest and the best chance of clearing out the junk.
  • repair the digestive function by replacing essential nutrients and beneficial bacteria and by using appropriate Herbal Medicine tailored for gut and immune repair. We now know that the gut health is intimately connected to immune system health.
  • assist in the release of these toxins by supporting the function of the organs that eliminate waste from our bodies . The gut and liver, kidneys and bladder, the lungs and the skin.

Why detox?

There are a multitude of reasons why a detox program may be suggested by your healthcare practitioner to improve your health and wellbeing. There are many disease processes that are positively impacted from a period of toxin reduction. This includes:

  • allergies and hayfever (see ‘Allergy’),
  • hormonal disturbances,
  • autoimmune disease,
  • overweight,
  • migraines and, headaches
  • eczema and, psoriasis
  • arthritis

Detox can also aid in the prevention of disease processes. Detox strategies have been traditionally used to lessen the day-to-day toxin load, helping the body deal more effectively with pre- existing imbalances and diseases. Our practitioners also suggest that healthy individuals do brief, periodic detox programs once or twice per year to keep the body in fine tune and to assist in achieving optimum health results.

How to detox

Our qualified healthcare practitioners use a variety of methods to ascertain your need for a detox program and the extent of these detox. Your symptoms and history will guide our practitioners on the appropriate length of the detox program. Practitioners also use a variety of clinical tools to assess your internal health. Where necessary, your practitioner we may also use external pathology testing.

Our healthcare professionals will then guide you through the detox program with an easy to follow dietary regime and appropriately prescribed supplements. Your progress will be monitored by follow up consultations and further testing for comparison.

Contact us at Des Lardner’s Organic for more information on our detox programs.