Coping with the Stress of Christmas

Additional supplementation is sometimes necessary for our bodies and minds to thrive in this busy world. If you haven’t used nutritional or herbal support before; the Silly Season is a good time!

We recommend B vitamins and Magnesium.

When we are under pressure and stressed the demand for B vitamins by the body increases. Many of s are already deficient as drinking alcohol and some medications like the oral contraceptive pill (OPC) depletes B vitamin levels.

Approximately 80% of the Western population are magnesium deficient. Common signs of deficiency are muscle cramping, muscle twitching (e.g. eye lid twitch), insomnia and anxiety.

Don’t waste your money on grabbing just any product off the shelf. We offer 2-in-1 magnesium + B vitamin products specifically formulated for stress and energy. You can read more about the calming actions magnesium and B vitamins have on our good hormones in our Feel Good February Blog.

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