Are You Ready For 2020?

Many of our customers are expressing interest in “New Year Resolutions”, such as, keeping well and avoiding illness. The search for “New Year resolutions” is very commendable, so this month I’ll provide a few suggestions. Some of these come from my community talks, which we often title, “How to live to 120”. To which one elderly commented “If I’d known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself”.

In our clinic we stress three major areas. Good diet, good supplements and good exercise. No two persons will need exactly the same solution in each area. However, in general terms everyone should seek the best compromise, to meet their budget, in time, money and energy.

A good diet should include some “superfoods”. Super foods (or functional foods) we’d like everyone to use, every day, include: Green Tea, rolled flaxseeds, garlic, small fish, sea salt, turmeric, beef broth, red berries, yoghurt, apple cider vinegar, chia, quinoa, rice, beans and lentils, vegetables and fruit. On your food pyramid for the day, about 2/3 at least of your food should be vegetables and fruit for most people and 8 glasses of pure water should be included. We stress the need for organic food, and this is cheapest to achieve if you grow your own food, but this depends on your resources, and the size of your back yard. Ask our practitioners for our booklet “Your guide to Wellness” which gives more specific diet details.

Good supplements should be considered that are produced by ethical companies, with ingredients from sustainable sources. Good supplements will be formulated by experts, not by accountants, as so often happens with discount vitamins.

Good exercise should be exercise that’s easy to maintain wherever you are. Exercise should also contain a way to relax and have fun. Exercise shouldn’t be a chore, aim for 30 minutes fun activity most days a week. Some fun activities could include, helping a neighbour, playing with a pet, spending time in nature, playing sport in the park, going to a yoga class, watch a movie with a friend, see a comedy show, read a book, 10 minutes in the sun, or just deep breathing and meditation. All these activities add balance to our lives, reduce stress and achieve wellness. Ask our practitioners about our wellness wheel, which illustrates in diagram form, how to achieve balance in your life. That’s the key to a great New Year Resolution.

Our entire staff team wishes you good health in the New Year of 2020.


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