Welcome to the Silly Season 2019

Welcome to the Silly Season 2019! Today is also Feel Good Friday with 15% off in-store (some exclusions apply) so perfect way to finish off your Xmas shopping or perhaps start your shopping.

Over the next 12 days we will have ideas on how to survive the Festive Season and even feel better in the process! Topics to include improving your sleep, exercise, keeping hydrated, gratitude to name a few.

Firstly, call in and receive your FREE bag of Epsom salts as our Gift to YOU. Why Epsom salts? Epsom salts is also known as magnesium sulfate being made up of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen. Originally discovered in Epsom, England many centuries ago. It has an appearance similar to bath salts and looks like table salt. It has a bitter, unpalatable taste and not recommended to consume. The benefits of Epsom salts is attributed to the magnesium and essentially a mineral we don’t get enough of in our daily diet.

We have noticed these past couple of weeks customers stating feeling anxious, exhausted due to work deadlines, real or perceived deadlines in personal life and generally wanting to cancel Xmas. Alongside of media images or television shows screening the ‘how to host the perfect Christmas dinner’. This week I watched Jaimie Oliver prepare a spectacular meal for his extended family in his beautifully, Xmas decorated kitchen then served in his magnificently decorated dining room. I know my home won’t have that same ‘home beautiful’ look! Nor am I concerned about it.

The way Epsom Salts works and why we think it is important for you to experience, once dissolved in water it releases magnesium and sulfate ions and is absorbed through the skin, important for body function. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body with calcium being the first. Sufficient levels of magnesium is required for sleep and stress management by assisting the body to produce melatonin. Melatonin promotes sleep. It is also considered beneficial in reducing muscle soreness and cramps. In some cases Epsom salts helps with pain swelling.

So, taking a bath regularly at least once a week will help you survive the next couple of weeks…


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