Our Team

Des Lardner
Herbalist and Visionary
Dip. Botanical Medicine, MHM.(Hons) B.Pharm., TH.A, M.P.S. Grad.Dip.Nutrition

Specialises in:
• Herbal remedies • Complimentary therapies

Through his long career as a pharmacist, Des Lardner has established a reputation for commitment to his customer’s health. Des knows that obtaining optimal health takes a lot more than prescription medication. He established Des Lardner’s Organic to offer a suite of complementary therapies and organic food, with the aim of assisting you in achieving good health and wellbeing.

Consulting Days:
Heidi Laursen Habel
Manager / Craniosacral Therapist
Heidi was born and raised in Denmark, moved to Australia in 1991 and whilst travelling met and married a local Boolite farmer. A family of 3 children and several careers later including photography, an interest in trade completing a diploma in International Trade, Heidi was exporting as a wholesaler for five Australian businesses into Scandinavia. Heidi has had a keen interest in natural and alternative health for many years and finished her Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy in June 2017.

Consulting Day:
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Emily Grieger
BHSc Naturopathy

Emily is a fully qualified Naturopath and an accredited fellow of the Australian Natural Therapists Association. She has some 20 years experience and specialises in Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Therapy and lifestyle advice. With a personal vision to inspire change, her focus is facilitating the discovery of optimal health for all people through exemplary education and exceptional care. Emily has a keen interest in weight management, hormone imbalance and metabolism issues, based on her own life experiences. Emily recognises that each person has individual needs and strives to find the best options to enhance people's health and, ultimately, their enjoyment of it.

Consulting Days:
Monday - Thursday
Ebony Jordan
Naturopath & Sleep Apnoea Therapist
Ebony Baker completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and has a passion for healthy food, herbal medicine and helping others. Ebony commenced her Bachelor of Naturopathy as having suffered from a chronic health condition herself and discovered first-hand the power and effectiveness of a holistic approach to health. Ebony believes that it is important to not just treat the physical body, but also support psychological, spiritual and emotional wellbeing in order to achieve optimum health. Ebony has also trained to be a therapist in sleep apnoea treatment and works in-conjunction with Trish Deutscher and Julie Rees.

Naturopath Consulting:
Wednesday & Thursday

Sleep Apnoea Consulting:
Monday & Tuesday
Trish Deutscher
Sleep Apnoea Therapist
Trish is a fully qualified nurse with many years experience. She is a part of the DLO shop staff and has also trained to be a therapist in sleep apnoea treatment and works in-conjunction with Ebony Jordan and Jaimie Clarkson.

Sleep Apnoea Consulting:
Thursday & Friday
Nicolette O'Sullivan
Nicolette was born in Holland and and moved to Australia as a teenager with her parents. After she finished school she moved to Horsham to study nursing, and soon after she met her husband, a Wal Wal farmer. She has a daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter in Healesville. Before finishing her nursing career Nicolette studied massage for 4 years, clientele grew rapidly, and inspite of loving nursing decided to devote all her time to Soft tissue therapy, and being of curious nature has been inspired by clients for years to keep learning about the body and mind connection. She has done many modalities like Remedial massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Onson Technique, and is a Reiki Master. And is currently booked in to study Psychosomatic Therapy. She studied yoga at the Satyananda Yoga Accademy for 2 years in 2008-2009. For bookings please ring Nicolette on 53596234. Massage:
Wednesday & Thursday